Logging a Voyage and Recording a Journey with Nebolink

Logging a sailing passage isn't just about putting coordinates on a map; it's about encapsulating the essence of an adventure. By recording your journey, you immortalise moments that might otherwise slip through the sands of time. Sharing your position in real time with Nebolink not only keeps family and friends updated on your location, it enables you to inspire others to embrace the allure of the sea.

9/5/20234 min read

As the first rays of the sun paint shimmering brushstrokes across the waters of another beautiful anchorage, we embark once again on a sailing adventure that promises both introspection and exhilaration. Being on the water is an expedition into the heart of nature's beauty, a dance with unpredictable elements that unfailingly brings about growth and discovery. In this article, I explore the compelling reasons behind logging a sailing passage – a practice that transforms your journey into a living, breathing record of exploration, reflection, and enduring memories.

Voyage logging: Why bother?

As full time cruisers across the oceans, sailing isn't just a hobby; it's a lifestyle that envelopes you in a world of wind, waves, and wonder. Each journey is a chapter in a captivating tale that deserves to be preserved, not only for personal reflection but also to inspire others to embrace the call of the sea. Passage logging is akin to keeping a journal of your nautical odyssey, capturing not only the coordinates but also the emotions, challenges, and triumphs that each wave brings. Even if you don’t like to write, here are two wholesome reasons to logging every voyage:

  • Preserving Precious Memories: Our memory can be fickle, fading over time. A log serves as a time capsule — the shifts of the weather or the joy of spotting a playful dolphin pod racing alongside. Years down the line, these vivid accounts will transport you back to the heart of the open sea.

  • Sharing the Magic: Humans are natural storytellers. Logging your sailing journey allows you to share your adventures with friends, family, and even the world.

Sharing the voyage in real time

In an era where technology bridges gaps and connects us instantly, sharing your sailing voyage in real time is easier than ever. Thanks to Nebolink, you can bring your family, friends and even followers onboard virtually. Here's how:

  1. Download the Nebo app: Nebo is free to download and the Starter plan is also free. After setting up your profile and your boat details, you’ll be ready to log your first voyage.

    It’s worth upgrading to Nebo Silver to get advanced reports, statistics and unlimited voyage archive (and more, check out the full list of features below). Nebo automatically creates an advanced report for each voyage which is also sent by email. You can add photos and notes which will automatically be added to your feed and log.

  2. Share your position: In your profile, enable "Track Me Plus" to get a mapping link and share your position in real time. The link is unique and can be reset at any time. With the link, fellow sailors, friends, and family can watch your journey unfold, cheering you on from afar.

  3. Capture moments: Nebo can serve as your digital logbook, you can add pictures to your journey or post pictures and snippets of your thoughts to your feed. Sharing your experiences in bite-sized updates is a great way to reassure your loved-ones and keep them engaged and invested in your voyage.

  4. Stow your phone away and get Nebolink: with Nebo’s companion device Nebolink you can enjoy the freedom of full voyage automation. The Nebolink automatically detects the start and end of your voyage so you never forget to capture the journey. Nebolink utilises IoT technology to broadcast your location as well as the state of your battery bank, you can now access all your voyages, stats and reports in the app and your location is shared live through your unique Track Me Plus link.

  5. Reflect as you review your past voyages: reviewing past logs is like reliving a series of vivid snapshots from your adventures. Each log carries me back to the mix of excitement and nervousness at the start of each journey, the satisfaction of overcoming challenges posed by the elements, and the calm that comes with the rhythmic sound of the waves under the hull. In these recorded accounts, the stories of the sea and the stories of my own life are intertwined, reminding me that every voyage leaves a lasting impression that goes far beyond the horizon.

To help you choose which membership plan is best for you, here’s the full list of Nebo app and Nebolink features and what’s included in each plan:

Capture and share your odyssey now

Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a novice mariner, the act of logging your voyage is an investment in memories that can weather the tides of time. It's an opportunity to encapsulate the myriad of emotions, discoveries, and insights that the sea bestows upon you. So, as you set sail on your next voyage, consider taking a moment to log your journey – not just as a navigational record, but as a testament to the profound beauty of embracing the unknown.

To try Nebo (the “starter” plan is free but I recommend the “gold” plan which is the one I have) head to https://www.nebo.global