Satellite Charts for OpenCPN

Access all our satellite charts through our cruising library public folder.

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Charts and reference docs for the following areas can be downloaded here


2023 - added Crete (E, NE, NW), Med (Navionics high level)

2022 - (Australia, SE Asia, Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Med)


  • Download and install OpenCPN, you will need a reasonable windows/mac that supports OpenGL (accelerated graphics) otherwise you may need to go legacy KAP charts.

  • Create a charts folder on your machine (in your documents folder for example). In there create a world folder for the world charts and region/country folders for the mbtiles.

  • Download and unzip the CM93 charts into the charts/world folder (these are the C-MAP world charts, base layer)

  • Create your country charts folders if not already done.

  • Download the mbtiles charts I have shared here and put them into that folder (you only need to download the ones you need)

  • Go back into OpenCPN settings, charts and add the country chart folders to opencpn.

  • OpenCPN should scan the additional charts

  • When you add/remove charts just go back to the charts tab in settings and tell OpenCPN to rescan/update charts