How to make satellite charts for OpenCPN

Where to get satellite images and how to turn them into charts for Open.

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The following includes detail on places to get satellite images and how to create charts for Open CPN. 'Legacy' locations the old KAP file format are not included as the more recent format is higher resolution.


  • A good internet connection is to make your own

  • Download and install sasplanet (windows only or run on the Mac in a windows 11 VM)

Download Resources

  • The chart locker is useful but currently is more oriented to Pacific/Asia locations: click here

  • Soggypaws pull together a lot of other people's work so worth a visit however there is a lot of dated and legacy material there so pay attention before downloading.

  • Terry's ramblings is a bit of a legacy experience but some updated mbtiles charts can be found, click here

Tips for Making Your Own

  • Make a google and bing version and consider a Navionics set (as backup)

  • Enable the google hybrid for high levels but switch it off when low level otherwise text can block the image

  • For the detail level, use zoom 14-19 for the aerial images and 14-17 for the Navionics charts

  • Sasplanet is a two stage process, first download the area you want to chart then create the charts